Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Importance of Environment

Many people is able to success with their hard work,
but that is only a abstract of the process.

Because hard work is not the thing that come first in the success check-list,
it is the supports that matter.

How is it possible for one to feel motivated when the environment is discouraging?

THOUGHT is like a table exposing to the air,
you have to clean the DUST all the time to keep it clean.
It is always easy to think negatively,
cause the DUST is everywhere,
you can't run from it.

And what exactly does this lead to?
Bad ending indeed,
I believe you do familiar with Law of Attraction.
you get what you think; you entertain negative thoughts, you get negative outcome.
that's how it works, that's how life works.

Let me get it straight,
I am not asking you to leave your friends and family behind,
they are the want that can make you strong.
I am just suggesting,
if they are saying negative stuffs,
find a place o someone else that can purify it.

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