Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Importance of Environment

Many people is able to success with their hard work,
but that is only a abstract of the process.

Because hard work is not the thing that come first in the success check-list,
it is the supports that matter.

How is it possible for one to feel motivated when the environment is discouraging?

THOUGHT is like a table exposing to the air,
you have to clean the DUST all the time to keep it clean.
It is always easy to think negatively,
cause the DUST is everywhere,
you can't run from it.

And what exactly does this lead to?
Bad ending indeed,
I believe you do familiar with Law of Attraction.
you get what you think; you entertain negative thoughts, you get negative outcome.
that's how it works, that's how life works.

Let me get it straight,
I am not asking you to leave your friends and family behind,
they are the want that can make you strong.
I am just suggesting,
if they are saying negative stuffs,
find a place o someone else that can purify it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Experience Sharing: Millionaire's Mind Intensive (MMI) - Part 1 [Comfort Zone]

Have you ever face the circumstance where,
no matter how hard you work or try,
you are stucked at the same place?

It is not your fault for what happened,
instead, you should be grateful that you are still jammed after a few tries,
It means you have reach the capacity of you COMFORT ZONE.

Every single human being have its own unique way of thinking and learning,
and most commonly seen one,
is experiencing.

You can say it is funny how most of us act,
we have to put our hand in fire to learn the fact that FIRE IS HOT.

For the same reason,
you have to stuck your head in the jar,
to understand that,

The reason that you are not able to climb higher or strike harder,
is because you never feel comfortable doing so.
Imagine you are a martial art master facing 2-3 layers of brick in front of you.
If you are not able to imagine and accept the fact that you can break the bricks,
no matter how many times you try,
the brick will be unbreakable.

It's true that the moment you strike,
the pain is going to get you.
It is your call,
whether you want to stay in your comfort zone, avoid the pain and let your life slip for no reason,
or accepting the uncomfortable that is going to come to you the moment you strike, and enjoy the achievement of breaking through.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why am I here? Networking

Regardless your definition of success,
What do you think is the fundamental element for success?

There is the few thing I wish to achieve with this blog,
firstly I wouldn't mind people clicking on the ads so that I can generate some passive income.
But the true meaning of this blog is to share.
Not only sharing my own point of view on things,
but also to enable visitors to share.

I believe there are people out there,
struggling and probably goggling about success all the day,
because they have no idea what it takes to reach the top.

There are capable people out there,
but they are not successful.
Apparently, being capable itself is not able to take you to top.

There is 1 thing in this whole world,
can make you reach the peak without much struggling,

It is the century of networking now,
it is always about speed and information.

This is WHY I AM HERE.
I provide a stage for people to stand out to share their mind,
their perspective of business opportunity.

This is WHY I AM HERE.
You are allow to promote your business idea,
and find your business partner here.

This is WHY I AM HERE.
To link whoever interested in building their own empire in my blog,
delivering every brick that I can possibly deliver to make you success.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Practice Make Perfect

Most of the time,
whatever we were doing doesn't feel right at all.
In fact,
we doubted whether those things that we are doing is going to help us.

The fact is, whatever you are doing,
will not be a waste as long as you are committed and work hard on it.
The road of success may look far beyond your reach,
but it is actually built by every step you made.

Some of the things that sound ridiculously easy can actually be the very crucial part of success.
Does sketching eggs sound kinda easy?
I believe most of you wouldn't say it is the toughest thing you ever did,
probably sounds easier than most people struggling for success.

The thing is, sketching eggs are fundamental if you wish to be a good artist?
what does the egg shaped oval do, you say?

It allows you to draw human face perfectly.
If you have slightest idea on human sketching, you probably know what I am talking about.
No matter how good you are at drawing eyes, nose or even human body,
it will means nothing if you are not able to draw the head properly.

Just like building a skyscraper,
the foundation means everything,
not the interior design,
not the architecture design,
it's always about how well the foundation is.

Success is not taking a step at a time,
no more no less.
You don't build your building from 2nd floor,
because there is no way your bricks can float of the air.

As long as you don't give up,
whatever tiny thing you master in your position right now,
might mean everything to you in the future.

May you have the pleasant start